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Rectorseal Metacaulk Cast-In-Place Device

Rectorseal Metacaulk Introduces their new Cast-In-Place Device "CID" Firestop Sleeve for through floor penetrations.

This is a single component Cast-In-Place device, approved for use with a multitude of penetrating items. It will prevent the spread of fire from through-penetration services in concrete floors. The CID installs prior to the concrete pour and casts directly into the concrete to form an embedded intumescent service supply. 

Click this link to download the CID Flyer and Spec   



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Prier True Temp P-118

Introducing the only single-handle hot & cold mixing hydrant that provides frost-proof protection.  

The TrueTemp combines the time-tested success of PRIER’s frost-proof hydrants with cutting edge technology, providing tempered water for any use outside of the home.  


Homeowners can now wash their cars any time of year, bathe their dogs in comfort, tackle outdoor cleaning with ease, and much more with the TrueTemp.

Designed with the stylish homeowner in mind, the TrueTemp is available in two finishes: Satin Nickel Plated and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

For specification sheets or other technical information, visit  Questions about this product can be directed to any salesperson at Lowder Sales or PRIER's dependable customer service department at 800-362-9055.


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Fernco XL Couplings

Create greater confidence in your extreme pipe connections. 

The new Fernco XL Coupling is built longer to be stronger and more durable than any other coupling on the market. 

Extra long couplings have many benefits including protection against thermal expansion and contraction, resistance to heavy earth loads, and offsetting pipe alignment problems. 

Click this link to view spec and technical information. 

Fernco - XL Coupling

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Fernco Puddle Flange

The Fernco Puddle Flange is designed to prevent leaks around pipelines penetrating poured concrete walls, floors, shafts, tanks, pools, manholes, and structures.


The flexible gasket is installed during construction on the outside diameter of the pipe where a water tight seal is required.

The unique flexible design bonds to concrete and compresses during the pour and curing process providing a leak proof seal against water and gas.


Click this link to view spec and technical information.

Fernco - Puddle Flange